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Diapers Size 3 (4-9Kg) Medium, 84 Count With The New Double Lock Leak Barriers


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  • LARGE GREEN ABSORBING LAYER: The Fine Baby diaper features a large green layer that swiftly absorbs liquids, preventing any discomfort caused by wetness. The design ensures that the fluids are evenly distributed in the diaper, for long-lasting dryness.
  • CHAMOMILE LOTION COTTONY SOFT DIAPERS: Fine Baby diapers are enriched with a gentle chamomile lotion that acts as a protective and soothing barrier for your baby’s delicate skin. With the cottony soft texture, your baby will experience tender care.
  • BREATHABLE BACK SHEET: Fine Baby diapers feature a breathable back sheet that promotes proper airflow, allowing your baby’s skin to breathe. This helps to maintain optimal skin health, reducing the risk of rashes and irritation.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT GEL CORE: With a super absorbent gel core, Fine Baby diapers effectively lock away liquids, preventing wetness from reaching your baby’s delicate skin. This feature ensures that your little one stays dry, comfortable, and irritation-free.
  • DOUBLE LOCK TECHNOLOGY AND STRETCHY SIDES: Fine Baby diapers are designed with double lock technology and stretchy sides, offering a secure fit and preventing leaks. The diapers adjust to your baby’s movements, giving them a snug experience.
  • Comes in a diaper size of 3

Additional information

Colour Name



5-9 kg


Baby Unisex

Target Age Range

Little Baby

Type of Diaper

Pre-Fold Diaper

Diaper Count

70 to 89 Count

Diaper Size

Size 3 (6 to 10 kg)

Model Number


Model Name

Fast Sorption

Item Qty


Item Count



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